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Hi. I’m David Sunfellow. Welcome to my smorgasbord website. While the other websites I manage focus on specific topics like near-death experiences, Jesus, and photography, this website is a catch-all for topics that don’t have their own home elsewhere. I have a life-long interest in all things pertaining to life’s big questions. This includes human relationships, history, health, dreams, the environment, and a many other fascinating subjects. Along with being the author of 500 Quotes From Heaven – Life-Changing Quotes That Illustrate The Wisdom & Power Of Near-Death Experiences and The Purpose Of Life As Reveled By Near-Death Experiences From Around The World, I’m also the founder of NewHeavenNewEarth (NHNE), a small internet-based non-profit located in Sedona, Arizona. I pay the bills working as a professional photographer and I’m the father of four children (all grown now). To learn more about me, go here. To learn more about NHNE and the other projects that I am involved with, check out the links below.


Near-Death Experience Websites & Social Networks:

• 500 Quotes from Heaven (Book)
• The Purpose of Life (Book)
• The Formula for Creating Heaven on Earth
• NDE Stories
• Encounters with Jesus

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• Outstanding Near-Death Experiences on YouTube

• NHNE’s NDE Social Network (Archived)

Other Websites & Social Networks:

• Sunfellow Notes
• Sunfellow on Instagram
• Sunfellow Notes Newsletter
• The VisionQuest Game

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• NHNE Pulse (Archived)
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Photography & Video Websites:

• Sunfellow Photos
• David Sunfellow Photography
• Sunfellow SmugMug Galleries


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NDE Stories

NDE Stories

NDE Stories

Outstanding NDEs

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