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Twelve months are a pretty long term and you never know what health problems you may come up with. You may need to use some other medication during the time you use Propecia. If you need to use some drug, it is recommended to consult with your healthcare provider on that. Thus, there are not many medications known to interact with Finasteride only 14 but still you should make sure not to use some medication along with Propecia that may cause interaction.

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If you start losing your hair, you should not fall in despair as there is a range of the methods that you can use in order to help this problems out. For instance, if you just start having this problem or have it moderate, you can be prescribed to use Propecia for the treatment. Finasteride is usually prescribed to be used for a year in order to make sure that you will have the positive effects after the use of this medication. Finasteride is able to prevent the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. Since you will need to use this medication for some time before you start having some positive effects, you should make sure that this medication will not be harmful for you.

You cannot protect yourself against having different side effects, but you can make sure that your health status is good enough so that you could allow using this medication. The usual daily dosage of Propecia is 1 mg, but you will get from your healthcare provider the full instructions on how you should be using Finasteride. The medication is taken with a full glass of water. You should swallow the dosage. If you have used Propecia for a year and have not noticed any improvement, you may need to check out other methods of the treatment hair loss problem. You should consult on that with your healthcare provider.

Propecia is an effective medication that is used for the treatment of hair loss problem in men. This medication is usually prescribed to be taken for several months, up to 12 months. Propecia is only suitable for men but not for women or children. It is even dangerous to hold Finasteride in hands for women and children. This medication works by preventing the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. It should only be prescribed by a healthcare provider. If you get a prescription, you should follow the recommendation of your healthcare provider closely. The dosage of Propecia is one for every person.
You will be advice to take Propecia in the dosage of 1 mg every day one time a day. You will not see some result instantly, but you will need to wait for at least several weeks or even for several months. Usually, it is recommended to wait for a positive result up to twelve months, but if no improvement is noted when you may be recommended to use alternative methods of the treatment of hair lose, including hair transplantation.
You can take this medication independently from eating, but you should take Propecia with a full glass of water. Before you start taking this medication, you may be recommended to take special test to make sure that you are not allergic to Propecia or that you do not have certain health problems. Also, you may take Finasteride for some time and be recommended to take some test to make sure that it does not harm your health status.

How to use Propecia safely

The use of any medication should be responsible and wise. If you suffer from hair loss and are prescribed to use Propecia, you should only use it according to the recommendations of your healthcare provider. When taking the dosage of this medication, you should consume it with the glass of water. During the use of Propecia, you may be asked to take certain test just to make sure that Propecia does not causes you any harm. Side effects are the typical risk coming with the use of any medications. If you have some of them, you should inform your healthcare provider about that. Do not use other medications at the same time you use Propecia if you have not discussed it with your healthcare provider.