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Anna French’s 2016 Ford Transit

Anna French’s 016 Ford Transit low-top. She lives in it full-time. It was recently renovated with a fiberglass high-top extension and a completely new interior. To learn more about Anna’s van, go here and here. To learn more about Anna, go here.


Lindsey’s Homemade Campervan (using 2018 Ford Transit high roof, standard length chassis)

Lindsey and her father built out this campervan in about a year so she can travel full time and work from the road. The chassis is a 2018 Ford Transit Eco Boost gas.


Dom & Marie’s Campervan (using 2014 Dodge Ram Promaster chassis)

In this video we’re touring a stunning modern camper van conversion by Dom and Marie from Vanlife Sagas. Building a DIY camper van that looks this good is a ton of work and this one was designed and built with the help of their whole family.

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Ford Transit Custom Nugget (Not Currently Available In The U.S.)







Transit Custom Nugget Is Ford’s New Camper Van For Europe
By Cristian Gnaticov
January 28, 2019

Original Article

The new Ford Transit Custom Nugget Camper is ready to take up to four people on a trip, providing them with all the comfort features required of a home away from home.

Unveiled at the 2019 Brussels Motor Show in Belgium, it was developed in collaboration with Westfalia and comes in two different versions, with the ‘Plus’ long wheelbase offering some extra equipment, as well as more space inside.

Based on the regular Transit Custom, the Nugget Camper has a double bed that folds out in the roof space, and a second living area with another double bed that folds out whenever needed. The L-shaped kitchenette at the rear is equipped with a double-burner gas cooker, sink and 40-liter refrigerator, whereas fresh and waste water is supplied from the on-board tanks.

There’s room for five people around the fold-out table, and three more can sit on the forward-facing bench. Additionally, the driver and passenger front seats swivel 180 degrees thanks to the folding handbrake, and there’s another fold-out table with two more chairs available as an optional extra.

Opting for the Transit Custom Nugget Camper Plus means you get an even more spacious cabin. This is 36.7 cm (14.4 in) longer than the standard variant and adds a larger wardrobe, built-in toilet with foldaway wash basin and high roof design.

Both camper vans feature auxiliary heating, easy-to-clean wood-effect floor, rear privacy glass and flip-open windows. They can be specced with a premium sound system and racks for bikes and sports equipment.

Power comes from a new 2.0-liter EcoBlue diesel engine, offered with 130 PS (128 hp / 95 kW) or 170 PS (168 hp / 125 kW) that can be paired to two six-speed transmissions, a manual or an automatic one.

The Transit Custom Nugget Camper vans will launch this spring in selected European markets such as Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy, with others to follow.

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2020 Volkswagen T6.1 California (Not Currently Available In The U.S.)







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Hymer’s VisionVenture Concept Campervan

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Campervan Work Spaces







Vanlife Office Inspiration: Work On The Road






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Choosing A Van: Transit vs Sprinter vs ProMaster vs NV

“INITIAL COST: We initially looked for a Sprinter (because that’s what everybody did back then in 2015), and quickly realized we could get a brand new Ford Transit (full warranty, no previous owner, customized options, etc.) for pretty much the same price as a used Sprinter…

“REPAIR & MAINTENANCE: Then we realized that even if the Sprinter is a high-end vehicle, they do break down a lot. Looking at the Mercedes dealership map (Mercedes dealer locator), it got us thinking: what happen if we want to travel in Alaska or South America? Heck, even in the USA, there’s no dealer out of the major cities!

“TEST-DRIVE: We then test-drove both a Transit and a Sprinter… we much preferred the Transit as it felt more like driving a minivan (nimble and predictable), as opposed to driving a full-size cargo van for the Sprinter.

“COMMON SENSE: At very last, we asked ourselves this question: “If we had to buy a car, would we buy a Mercedes or a Ford?” Yep, it all made sense now: we much prefer spend money on mountain biking gear and adventures rather than on a luxury vehicle!

“Needless to say, we went for a brand new Ford Transit 2016 and we’re glad we did! (it’s October 2019 at the time of writing these lines)”

2019 Ford Transit Van vs. 2019 Ram ProMaster Cargo Van

“Car and Driver performed a comparison test in its October 2015 issue and they ranked the Ford Transit 150 LWB first. They ranked the Ram ProMaster Cargo Van 1500 SWB third. The Ford Transit outsold the Ram ProMaster by over three to one during the 2018 model year.”

Sydney Ferbrache: Ford Transit Versus Sprinter

“The Sprinter has some incredible features and is very popular in the van life community. This makes it really easy to find layout guides and videos on conversions saving you several hours during your build. The 4×4 Sprinter is awesome and Ford does not offer this in the Transit as of now. They also have been making Sprinters for years which means you can find older models for a pretty good initial price.

“However, these vans do need a lot of maintenance and even with that maintenance, prepare to spend thousands on repairs. You may get lucky and not it, but I highly encourage you to make sure you have a good savings ready for a break down and a pricey repair. Most problems have to be fixed at the dealerships because the software and parts are all exclusively owned by Mercedes. The dealerships (knowing this) charge astronomically more money than standard mechanics.

“My personal opinion and advice: Sprinters are great if you can afford a brand new(-ish) one. My first van (2011 Sprinter) along with many others that I know, required thousands in repairs even after necessary general maintenance. When I broke down, it was also very difficult finding a nearby dealership because we were in the middle of the mountains which meant towing it hours away.. Before spending 3 weeks at an Airbnb while it got fixed, and then being hit with an $8,000 bill. This entire issue cost close to $10,000 in total.”


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