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Excerpted from The Purpose of Life as Revealed by Near-Death Experiences from Around the World

Chapter 89
How To Still Storms & Walk On Water
By David Sunfellow

While few in number, some near-death experiencers are shown apocalyptic visions of the future. Earthquakes and tsunamis rage across the Earth. Governments and civilizations collapse. Vast numbers of plants, animals, and people die.

Other near-death experiencers are shown that the worst is behind us. We are now on a path where everything is going to get better and better.

While the specifics and severity of end-of-the-world predictions differ in NDEs, there is one thing they all agree on: a new world is coming; heavenly states of consciousness will eventually manifest in this world.

What can we do to help?

The deepest, most profound near-death experiences tend to be lighthearted and full of hope. There is a playfulness and sense of humor to these NDEs. Instead of raining down fire and brimstone, these NDEs are full of laughter, merriment, and gentle admonitions to lighten up and not take life so seriously.

How can these NDEs be so cheerful when so many apocalyptic possibilities are knocking on our collective door?

One answer is that the higher realms know the world is a dream, no one is really hurt or lost, and everything is unfolding as it should.

Higher states of consciousness also know that everything works out in the end, one way or another.

In other words, the challenges we face in this world are similar to the challenges we face in dreams. After a dream has run its course, we wake up, unscathed. And so do all of our dreaming friends. Even nightmares that are hyper-real and super scary come and go.

Here’s the point: whether the world follows a rough path to higher states of consciousness, or a gentle one, we can help by staying connected to the parts of ourselves that know everything is OK.

Instead of getting caught up in the drama of life and injecting more fear, instability, and despair into the collective consciousness of the planet, we can train ourselves to stay calm and connected.

And one more thing.

It’s the deep places that produce miracles. And healings. And solutions to complicated and bewitching problems. So staying calm and collected is not simply a way to maintain inner peace, it’s also a way to find practical solutions to life’s many challenges.

So whatever is happening in your personal life, or in the world at large, I encourage you to go deeper and higher. Engage life, full on, but don’t take things too seriously. Be cheerful and light hearted. Joke and laugh. Be a force of nature that not only stops fear in its tracks, but turns the tide and lifts others to higher ground…

Near-Death Experiences That Predict The End Of The World
Complied by David Sunfellow