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COVID-19 Vaccination Overviews


Federal Lawsuit Seeks Immediate Halt Of Covid Vaccines, Cites Whistleblower Testimony Claiming CDC Is Under-Counting Vaccine Deaths (The Defender – 07/20/21)

The 67-page motion requests the judge issue a preliminary injunction for the following reasons:

– There is no emergency, which is a prerequisite to issuing EUA and EUA renewals for COVID vaccines.

– There is “no serious or life-threatening disease or condition.”

– Vaccines do not diagnose, treat or prevent SARS-CoV-2 or COVID.

– Known and potential risks of the vaccine outweigh their known and potential benefits.

– There are adequate, approved and available alternatives to vaccines.

– Healthcare professionals and vaccine candidates are not adequately informed.

The authors of the motion attached a declaration by a whistleblower who came forward alleging deaths occurring within 72 hours of receiving a COVID vaccine are significantly under-reported in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) maintained by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) . . . In her statement, she said:

“On July 9, 2021, there were 9,048 deaths reported in VAERS. I verified these numbers by collating all of the data from VAERS myself, not relying on a third party to report them. In tandem, I queried data from CMS medical claims with regard to vaccines and patient deaths, and have assessed that the deaths occurring within 3 days of vaccination are higher than those reported in VAERS by a factor of at least 5. This would indicate the true number of vaccine-related deaths was at least 45,000. Put in perspective, the swine flu vaccine was taken off the market which only resulted in 53 deaths.”

America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) Complaint And Whistleblower Declaration (pdf)


How To Configure VAERS To Reveal Hidden COVID-19 Vaccination Deaths…


Featuring Dr. Judy Mikovitz and Dr. David Martin, Plandemic – Part 1 and Plandemic: Indoctornation – Part 2 is an exposé of the truth behind the origins of COVID-19; an alarming examination of individuals, such as Dr. Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates, and organizations like the CDC, NIH, WHO, and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, among others, driving the global vaccination agenda; and a look at the tech giant and mainstream media forces doing their utmost to silence and suppress the veracity of these findings.


Dr. David Martin: “This Is The Definition Of Criminal Conspiracy, Racketeering, And Collusion.”

Dr. David Martin w/ Dr. Reiner Fuellmich: “This, My Friends, Is The Definition Of Criminal Conspiracy… This Is Not A Theory. This Is Evidence.”
The Fauci/COVID-19 Dossier (pdf)

Reiner Fuellmich: Suing The Powers That Be For “Crimes Against Humanity”


“We Made a Big Mistake!” – COVID Vaccine Spike Protein Can Cause Organ Damage

Host Alex Pierson talks with Dr. Byram Bridle, an Associate Professor on Viral Immunology at the University of Guelph about new peer-reviewed studies that suggests there may be terrifying reasons side effects such as heart inflammation, VITT, and other serious issues may occur in those who have been vaccinated.

Original LinkWho Is Dr. Byram W. Bridle?

COVID-19 and Children: A Scientist’s Guide for Parents (pdf)


Click this link to download The Cease & Desist Letter mentioned above (pdf)


Serious Short & Long Term Health Issues Associated With COVID-19 Vaccinations

See also: Should You Get Vaccinated? by Steve Kirsch
Watch The Full 3-Hour Discussion


Dr. Mike Yeadon: Must Watch Overview Of Entire COVID-19 Mess


“This Is The Largest Medical Product Biologic Disaster In Human History!” (July 2, 2021)


Must Watch: Reiner Fuellmich Interviews Dr. Peter McCullough (June 11, 2021)


Dire Warning From Dr. Charles Hoffe About COVID-19 Vaccinations


COVID Vaccine Secrets

The FDA’s list of “possible adverse event outcomes” includes:

• Guillain-Barré syndrome
• Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis
• Transverse myelitis
• Encephalitis / myelitis / encephalomyelitis / meningoencephalitis / meningitis / encepholapathy
• Convulsions / seizures
• Stroke
• Narcolepsy and cataplexy
• Anaphylaxis
• Acute myocardial infarction
• Myocarditis / pericarditis
• Autoimmune disease
• Deaths
• Pregnancy and birth outcomes
• Other acute demyelinating diseases
• Non-anaphylactic allergic reactions
• Thrombocytopenia
• Disseminated intravascular coagulation
• Venous thromboembolism
• Arthritis and arthralgia/joint pain
• Kawasaki disease
• Multi-system Inflammatory Syndrome in Children
• Vaccine enhanced disease

Source: Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee October 22, 2020 Meeting Presentation (pdf)


Dr. Peter McCullough Rewrites Scary Australian Government Commercial

The Australian Government produced a graphic commercial that tries to scare viewers into getting a COVID-19 vaccine. Dr. Peter McCullough responded to this ad by saying:

“I can tell you COVID patients that are young don’t have these symptoms . . . They breathe through it with a mild cold; a young woman like that would breathe through this with a mild nasal congestion for a few days and be over it.

“But what can happen in young people is when they take the vaccine, particularly women ages 18-48 . . . they can develop life-threatening blood clots — and a life-threatening blood clot can cause someone to look just like what you saw in that (video).”


Why Bill Gates Wants Indemnity From Coronavirus Vaccines…


Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting Systems

• United States Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) – CDC LinkVAERS Link
The U.K. (Yellow Card)
Public Health Agency of Canada
Australia Government Department of Health
EudraVigilance (The European Economic Area – Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic/Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden)
Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea

Report A COVID-19 Vaccine Injury (ICAN)
Injured By A Vaccine? Here’s How To Report It (The Defender)

Experimental Covid Vaccines: Mounting Deaths Continue Worldwide (The Defender – 05/24/21)

Deaths, serious adverse events, and permanent disabilities following Covid vaccines continue to mount as 1.6 billion doses have been administered in 167 countries worldwide. Latest global data on deaths and adverse events following experimental Covid vaccines from US VAERS, UK Yellow Card system, European EudraVigilance System, Canada’s Public Health Agency presented, and from the media for countries without governmental adverse event tracking/reporting systems. If all adverse events and deaths were reported after each experimental COVID vaccine, the US system shows: 1 person in 12 would report an adverse event; 1 in 144 to 1,864 would report a serious adverse event, and 1 in 668 to 8,670 would report a death…

VAERS COVID-19 Vaccinations: 10,991 Deaths, 48,385 Serious Injuries, 463,457 Reports Of Adverse Events From All Age Groups (The Defender – 07/16/21)
1,007,253 Injuries, 1,403 DEAD In The U.K. Following COVID-19 Injections According To U.K. Government (Health Impact News – 07/02/21)
18,928 Dead, 1.8 Million Injured (50% Serious) Reported In European Union’s Database Of Adverse Drug Reactions For Covid-19 Shots (Health Impact News – 07/20/21)
U.S. Sen. Johnson Holds News Conference With Families Injured By COVID Vaccines, Ignored By Medical Community (The Defender – 06/29/21)

Injured By A COVID Vaccine? Want Financial Compensation? Too Bad, Says Injury Compensation Law Firm (The Defender – 07/01/21)
COVID Vaccine Deaths And Injuries Are Secretly Buried COVID Vaccine Deaths And Injuries Are Secretly Buried (Mercola – 07/01/21)



COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries: Healthcare Workers Shawn Skelton, Kristi Simmonds, Angelia Desselle


COVID Vaccine Victims Website
COVID Vaccine Victims On Telegram (110,000 members and growing)


Real StoriesReal Video StoriesThe Statistics


VAX Longhaulers: “We Want To Be Heard!”



Top 35 Most Suspicious Deaths In HHS’s VAERS Vaccine Adverse Event Database
Hundreds Die Within Days Of Controversial mRNA Shot?! You Sure It’s Safe, FDA?
VAERS Vax Exposé: 250+ Reports Of People Dying Within 1 Day Of The Covid19 Vaccine
UNCONTROLLABLE: Shaking, Passing Out & Seizures After Vaccines. VAERS/ Yellow Card
70+ Miscarriages In US & UK After Vaccines; Also Numerous Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Complications [VAERS]
500+ Reported Cases of Numbness, Paralysis, or Bell’s Palsy After Covid Vacx; VAERS Data Walkthrough
VAERS: Hundreds Of Heart Attacks & Cardiac Arrests Soon After The Covid19 Vax. Looking For Patterns In Outcomes
Blindness, Blurry Vision, Tunnel Vision & More Eyesight Issues: 350+ Reports Of Sight Disturbances After Vaccine (VAERS)
WARNING TO WOMEN! Many Are Experiencing Menstrual Changes & Issues After Vaccine: Heavier/ Longer Periods & More


Medical professionals sharing COVID-19 vaccine adverse event stories on Medscape…


8 Ways mRNA COVID Vaccines Can Kill You (Dr. Sherri Tenpenny)

1. Can directly attack lungs
2. Can inhibit anti-inflammatory macrophages, which produces cytokine storms
3. Can cause spike proteins to replicate uncontrollably
4. Can attack motor neurons causing uncontrollable tremors and shaking
5. Can cause debilitating fatigue (the number one symptom)
6. Can cause stiff-person syndrome where people are unable to walk
7. Can attack other tissues and organs in the body
8. Can cause anaphylactic reaction

20 Mechanisms Of Injury (Dr. Sherri Tenpenny – pdf)
20 Mechanisms Of Injury (Dr. Sherri Tenpenny – more complete web version)

Sars-Cov-2 Vaccines And Neurodegenerative Disease (Stephanie Seneff)

There are many reasons to be wary of the COVID-19 vaccines, which have been rushed to market with grossly inadequate evaluation and aggressively promoted to an uninformed public, with the potential for huge, irreversible, negative consequences. One potential consequence is to exhaust the finite supply of progenitor B cells in the bone marrow early in life, causing an inability to mount new antibodies to infectious agents. An even more worrisome possibility is that these vaccines, both the mRNA vaccines and the DNA vector vaccines, may be a pathway to crippling disease sometime in the future. Through the prion-like action of the spike protein, we will likely see an alarming increase in several major neurodegenerative diseases, including Parkinson’s disease, CKD, ALS and Alzheimer’s, and these diseases will show up with increasing prevalence among younger and younger populations, in years to come. Unfortunately, we won’t know whether the vaccines caused this increase, because there will usually be a long time separation between the vaccination event and the disease diagnosis. Very convenient for the vaccine manufacturers, who stand to make huge profits off of our misfortunes — both from the sale of the vaccines themselves and from the large medical cost of treating all these debilitating diseases.

Identified Issues:

• The Spike Protein Is Toxic
• Bell’s Palsy, Autism And Parkinson’s Disease
• Prion Diseases
• The Spleen
• Germinal Centers And Parkinson’s Disease
• Impaired Immune Response Due To Over-Vaccination

Letter To Physicians: Four New Scientific Discoveries Regarding The Safety And Efficacy Of Covid-19 Vaccines (Doctors for COVID Ethics – 07/09/21)
The Many Ways In Which COVID Vaccines May Harm Your Health (Mercola – 06/13/21)


Places Where People Are Discussing COVID-19 Vaccination Side-Effects

• Covid Vaccine Victims Sharing Their Stories
• How Many People Are The Vaccines Killing?
• Covid Vaccine Victims On Telegram
• CV19 Vaccine Injuries On Telegram
• Covid Vaccine Injuries On Telegram
• Covid Vaccine Information, Injuries, And Deaths On Telegram
• CovidVaccinated On Reddit
• List Of People Who Died From COVID-19 Vaccinations On Health Impact News


Original Article By Christian Elliot
Backup Article On The Defender

See also:

How To Overcome The Pressure To Get A Covid Vaccine



“No Jab For Me” Website

“No Jab For Me” (pdf)


Canadian Doctors Speak Out: Protecting Our Children From Harm


Doctors For Covid Ethics: Covid-19 Vaccines Are Unnecessary, Ineffective And Unsafe


Is COVID-19 A Bio-Weapon?


‘TRUTH’ With RFK, Jr. and Journalist Naomi Wolf: Fighting for Freedom

CHD Chairman Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and author, journalist and former political advisor Naomi Wolf weigh in on the battle to maintain the rights put in place by our founding fathers. Listen to their eye-opening discussion here.


Naomi Wolf: Once Passport Vaccines Are Accepted, There Is No More Choice


“Once the passport vaccines are accepted, there is no more resistance; there is no more choice.”

“Please don’t be fooled. This is the most dangerous tool that humanity has faced in my lifetime, if not ever, in terms of human liberty.”

“The vaccine passport platform is the same platform as a social credit system, like in China, that enslaves eight billion people. In China, the People’s Communist Party (PCP) can find any dissident in five minutes because of the 360 degree surveillance of the social credit system. That means when you act like a good citizen, you get a boost, and when you act like a bad citizen, opportunities get closed to you. Maybe your child doesn’t get into college or get into prep school. Maybe you don’t get that job, you don’t get that promotion. The vaccine platform that is being proposed in the West is the same platform. I can’t say that enough.”

“The people who have this data are going to run the world; they are going to be the gods of the world. Everything will go through them. They’ll be more powerful than nations. They’ll be more powerful than the U.N.”

“I’ve been deplatformed five times now since I started warning people about this . . . what was really striking to me about being deplatformed was the CCP-style conditioning with which I, as an American, was deplatformed. It wasn’t just that you violated our terms of service; if you want to come back on, you have to not violate our terms of service, it was we are giving you three strikes and at the end of that you have to be a good citizen. Twitter even gave me the opportunity of erasing my own naughty tweets, of cleaning up my own mess basically. These are all CCP-type conditioning. It is conditioning us not to be Americans. It is conditioning us to not be members of the West . . . This is THE MOST DANGEROUS, there is no coming back from this . . . If this succeeds in being rolled out, there won’t be any choices. There will be no such thing as refusing to adopt it. There won’t be capitalism. There won’t be free assembly. There won’t be privacy. There won’t be choice in anything you want to do in your life. And there will be no escape.”

“[Vaccine Passports] violates the American Disabilities Act which forbids you from even asking about someone’s medical status and forbids you from denying anyone access to goods and services based physiology. It is totally illegal. It also violates The First Amendment and The Fourth Amendment. As a Democrat, I am horrified that the Biden administration is rolling this out. But this is beyond partisanship.”

“In four months, Israel crushed civil society because people who don’t sign on to this pass system are second-rate citizens. People even who do sign on to it who are dissidents are hounded and shamed and ostracized and surveilled 24/7. So they are horrified and they are trying to warn the rest of the world. And I am trying to warn you.”


Leah Wilson Interviews Ilana Rachel Daniel

Learn More About Ilana Rachel Daniel & The Situation In Israel


The Israeli People’s Committee Report Of Adverse Events Related To The Corona Vaccine, April 2021 (Doctors for Covid Ethics – 05/11/21)

The data collected by the group paint a grim picture:

• The overall mortality in the January-February vaccination period was higher in 2021 than in any other year within the preceding decade. In the age group of 20–29 years, mortality in this time period exceeded that of the previous year by 32%.

• 288 deaths overall, mostly within the first 10 days after vaccination, were reported to the group. This number is more than six times greater than the 45 deaths officially admitted to by the Health ministry.

• The group gives the following estimates for the mortality among the vaccinated: overall, 1:5,000; age 20–49 years, 1:13,000; age 50–69 years, 1:6,000; age 70+, 1:1,600.

• Across lethal and non-lethal adverse events there was a relatively high rate of cardiac-related injuries, 26% of which occurred in young people below the age of 40, a high prevalence of massive vaginal bleeding, neurological, skeletal and skin damage, and events directly or indirectly related to coagulopathy (myocardial infarction, stroke, miscarriages, disruption of blood flow to the limbs and pulmonary embolism).

According to the authors, the compilation of the report was severely hampered by obstruction on the part of government authorities, involving in particular the shutting down of all monitoring and tracking systems for adverse events.

Highly Vaccinated Israel Has A Nagging Coronavirus Problem (The Vaccine Reaction – 07/04/21)
Israeli Prime Minister Says Unvaccinated ‘Hurt Us All,’ Are A Danger To Society (allisrael.com – 07/23/21)

Israel’s new prime minister struck a threatening tone against Israelis who “refuse vaccines” saying they are endangering their own health, “those around them and the freedom of every Israeli citizen.” Naftali Bennett announced specific punitive measures against “vaccine refusers” which include the resurrection of the green passport.

“Those who refuse vaccines will not be able to go to the cinema, the theater, the synagogue, the amusement park, the soccer game or any activity with over 100 people, indoors or out, unless they bring negative results from a coronavirus test, at their expense,” Bennett said. “Yes, they will fully bear the costs of the test.”

“They are endangering our freedom to work, the freedom of our children to study and the freedom to hold celebrations with family,” Bennett said of the unvaccinated. “Those who refuse vaccines hurt us all because if all of us were vaccinated we would all be able to maintain daily life. But if 1 million Israelis continue to not get vaccinated this will oblige the 8 million others to shut themselves in their homes.”


Vaccine Passports: New Start Or The End Of Freedom?


How Vaccine Makers Caused The Opioid Crisis


Tucker Carlson Interviews Dr. Peter McCullough About Treating COVID-19


>> Click Here To Play The Above Video <<

Children’s Health Defense has created a video of Dr. Liz Mumper’s presentation titled “How Will We Know That a COVID-19 Vaccine is Safe?” This presentation is the result of a collaborative effort between Dr. Mumper and the team of doctors, scientists, and researchers affiliated with CHD. Dr. Mumper carefully provides detailed answers to two questions often expressed by the public: “What does a safe and effective vaccine look like?”, and “How will we know that a COVID-19 vaccine is safe?” She reviews many of the reasons why vaccines, as they are currently produced, are not safe, and explains that every year there are tens of thousands of adverse events, many of them resulting in serious conditions or even death. Dr. Mumper reviews the scientific community’s numerous concerns about the safety of a COVID vaccine and its ingredients, providing information about each of the top COVID vaccine candidates. Lastly, she discusses the legality of mandatory vaccination in a free republic which proclaims to defend the rights of “we the people.”

Presentation Home Page: How Will We Know That a COVID-19 Vaccine is Safe?


RFK, Jr. to NPR’s Terry Gross: ‘I Urge You to Correct the Record’ (The Defender – 01/12/21)

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. covers many of today’s most controversial topics in this take-no-prisoners, heavily referenced challenge to NPR “turning ‘Fresh Air’ over to pharmaceutical industry insiders to promote shoddily tested mandatory medical products and broadcast unchallenged industry propaganda”

COVID Has Caused Tens Of Thousands Of Medical Doctors And Scientists To Wake Up To Corruption In The Medical Industry (Health Impact News – 12/25/20)

Over 52,000 medical professionals representing some of the world’s leading medical schools and research institutions have already signed the Great Barrington Declaration in protest against the official Covid-19 strategies and these policies’ serious adverse effects on the physical and mental health of children, working class citizens and the poor. Moreover, they have nothing to gain. No financial interests jeopardize their judgments. And they are fully aware of the pushback and blacklisting that may follow and would injure their reputations.


Vaccine Injury, Mandates & Safety


New Mexico Stands Up!


Can My Employer Tell Me To Take The Jab Or Leave? (Stand For Health Freedom)
Tell Schools/Universities No Vaccine Mandates For Children/Young Adults! (Children’s Health Defense)


ICAN Website: https://www.icandecide.org/
Email: freedom@icandecide.org


Pfizer-Biontech Covid-19 Vaccine: Short-Term Efficacy & Safety Data (Physicians For Informed Consent – PDF)


Or maybe our bodies are telling us that they don’t like toxic substances injected into them:

COVID-19 Vaccine Ingredients And Their Purpose

Pfizer (pdf)
Moderna (pdf)
Johnson & Johnson (pdf)




Current Vaccine News & Information


Contact Your Governor And State And Federal Lawmakers: Say NO To Vaccine Passports (Stand For Health Freedom)
How To Overcome The Pressure To Get A Covid Vaccine (Christian Elliot – 05/19/21)


CDC ‘Corrects’ Number Of Reported Deaths After Covid Vaccines By Dumping Foreign Reports (The Defender – 07/22/21)
World Vaccine Poll
Poll: Overwhelming Majority Oppose Vaccine Mandates (Breitbart – 07/21/21)
Nuremberg Code Against Nazi Experiments Should Stop Further COVID-19 Vaccinations (Peter R. Breggin, MD)
Spike In Death Reports Following Covid-19 Vaccination An ‘Error’: CDC (The Epoch Times – 07/21/21)
Scientist Sounds Alarm: COVID Vaccines Producing Symptoms of Parkinson’s, Other Neurodegenerative Disorders (The Defender – 07/21/21)
North Carolina Door-to-Door Vaccine Outreach Violating ‘Zone of Privacy,’ Advocacy Group Says (The Epoch Times – 07/19/21)
U.S. Surgeon General, Rockefeller Foundation Announce Big Initiatives To Address ‘Urgent Threat’ Of Vaccine Misinformation (The Defender – 07/16/21)
White House Turns Up Heat On Big Tech’s Covid ‘Disinformation Dozen’ (CNN – 07/16/21)
CHD Lawsuit Seeks To Overturn D.C. Law Allowing Kids To Be Vaccinated Without Parents’ Knowledge Or Consent (The Defender – 07/16/21)
Yes, Over 4,400 Fully Vaccinated People Have Been Hospitalized With Covid-19 (THV11 – VIDEO – 07/08/21)
25.6% Of The World Has Received A Covid Vaccine. See How Your Country Is Doing (Forbes – 07/14/21)

Letter To Physicians: Four New Scientific Discoveries Regarding The Safety And Efficacy Of Covid-19 Vaccines (Doctors for COVID Ethics – 07/09/21)
DoD Sounds the Alarm: Service Members Found To Have Rare Heart Inflammation Cases After Getting Vaccines (Military.net – 07/12/21)
White House To Ask SMS Carriers To Monitor Vaccine ‘Misinformation’ In Private Text Messages (The Defender – 07/13/21)
Vaccine Safety Advocate Tells RFK, Jr.: VAERS Protects Vaccine Makers, Not Kids (The Defender – 07/12/21)
How Accurate Is The Claim That Nearly All Covid Deaths Are Among The Unvaccinated? (The Vaccine Reaction – 07/11/21)
F.D.A. Will Attach Warning of Guillain-Barré Syndrome to Johnson & Johnson Vaccine (New York Times – 07/12/21)


EXTREME DANGER For Flying Families, Leaked Emails Expose United Executive


Tips For Covid-19 Vaccine ‘Ambassadors’ Resurface Amid Concerns Over Biden’s ‘Door-To-Door’ Push (RT – 07/11/21)
How To Go Door-To-Door To Increase COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptance (Lake County, Illinois, Community Health Ambassadors)

“Report on your work! Be sure to fill out the Doorknocking Spreadsheet with the counts of who still needs a vaccine, who is already vaccinated, who needs more info, etc. This is important information that the Health Department is relying on!”

White House Calling Out Critics of Door-To-Door Vaccine Push (Associated Press – 07/10/21)
Surgeon Who Operated On Young Italian Vaccine Victim: ‘You Have Never Seen Anything Like This’ (Free West Media – 06/27/21)

Camilla Canepa was operated on by Gianluigi Zona, director of the neurosurgical and neuro-traumatological clinic of the San Martino hospital: “I had never seen a brain that was affected by such an extensive and severe thrombosis . . . I’m neither a virologist, nor an epidemiologist, nor a coroner, but given the image I saw in the girl’s head, it is clear that we are dealing with something that is not normal.”

Biden’s Plan To Deploy Federal Teams In Door-To-Door Covid Vaccine Campaign Sparks Backlash (Children’s Health Defense – 07/07/21)
Biden Admin Creates ‘Vaccine Hesitancy’ Map To Help Activists Target Vaccine Skeptics Door To Door (National File – 06/28/21)
Cats And Dogs ‘Should Get Covid Jabs After All Humans To Stop Spread Of Variants’ (The Mirror – 06/26/21)
Zoo Animals In Oakland, California, Are Getting Experimental COVID-19 Vaccines (Inside Edition – 07/03/21)
Military Members Say They’ll ‘Quit’ If Army Mandates COVID-19 Vaccine: Congressman (The Epoch Times – 07/05/21)
Heart Inflammation Linked To Covid Vaccines In Study Of U.S. Military, Department Of Defense Confirms (The Defender – 06/30/21)
Heart Inflammation After Covid-19 Shots Higher-Than-Expected In Study Of U.S. Military (Reuters – 06/29/21)
U.S. Sen. Johnson Holds News Conference With Families Injured By COVID Vaccines, Ignored By Medical Community (The Defender – 06/29/21)
After 300 Million Injections And As Demand Wanes FDA Finally Issues Warning On mRNA COVID-19 Shots For Heart Failure (Health Impact News – 06/24/21)
Majority Of Physicians Decline Covid Shots, According To Survey (Association Of American Physicians & Surgeons – 06/16/21)

Of the 700 physicians responding to an internet survey by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), nearly 60 percent said they were not “fully vaccinated” against COVID. This contrasts with the claim by the American Medical Association that 96 percent of practicing physicians are fully vaccinated. This was based on 300 respondents.bNeither survey represents a random sample of all American physicians, but the AAPS survey shows that physician support for the mass injection campaign is far from unanimous . . . The AAPS survey also showed that 54 percent of physician respondents were aware of patients suffering a “significant adverse reaction.” Of the unvaccinated physicians, 80 percent said “I believe risk of shots exceeds risk of disease,” and 30% said “I already had COVID.”

A Massive Surge In Covid Vaccine Deaths (American Thinker – 06/16/21)

Based on the CDC’s data, reports of vaccine-related deaths and permanent disabilities have gone up 3,300% and 850% in 2021 (Graph 1) . . . We are currently only halfway through 2021, so this disparity may double by December. Some will dismiss this pattern as a “statistical artifact” due to vaccination of older people who were already closer to death. But when the sample is limited to people under 40, their reported death and permanent disability rates surged 3,300% and 1,200%, respectively (Graph 2).

Let that sink in: these vaccines appear to be killing and disabling large numbers of people who are in their prime — the very same people who are least likely to die of COVID. FactCheck.org points out that “not all of these reports are verified.” But this is grabbing at straws because only a fool would dismiss a 1,000–3,000% spike in vaccine-related events as a massive surge in “coincidence” or false reporting…

CDC: 42.6% Of U.S. Adults Are ‘Fully Vaccinated’ (Breitbart – 06/12/21)

According to the federal health agency, 141,583,252 million people in the United States are “fully vaccinated,” representing 42.6 percent of the population. The data shows 172,423,605 million receiving at least one dose of a vaccine, representing 51.9 percent of the population.



CDC To Convene Emergency Meeting On 226 Reports Of Heart Inflammation After Covid Vaccine In People Under 30 (The Defender – 06/11/21)
Nearly 800 Reports Of Heart Inflammation After COVID-19 Vaccination In U.S. (Leaking Reports – 06/10/21)
CDC Admits Teens Vaccinated With Pfizer Or Moderna At Higher Risk Of Heart Inflammation (The Defender – 06/10/21)
‘Self-Spreading’ Vaccines Pose Multiple Risks To Society — Including The End Of Informed Consent (The Defender – 06/02/21)
College Of Physicians And Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) Forbids Physicians From Questioning Official Covid-19 Measures (GlobalResearch – 05/10/21)
Johns Hopkins Professor Says ‘Ignore The CDC’ — ‘Natural Immunity Works’ (The Blaze – 05/27/21)
COVID Vaccine Injury Reports Among 12- to 17-Year-Olds More Than Triple In 1 Week, VAERS Data Show (The Defender – 05/28/21)
American Governors Sign Laws To Ban Vaccine Passports & Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination (greatgameindia.com – 05/27/21)
Former Pfizer VP Tells RFK, Jr.: Young, Healthy People Shouldn’t Be Coerced Into Taking ‘Experimental’ Vaccines (The Defender – 05/26/21)
18 Connecticut Teens Hospitalized For Heart Problems After Covid Vaccines, White House Says Young People Should Still Get The Shots (The Defender – 05/26/21)
OSHA Abruptly Reverses Course, Says Employers Will Not Be Liable For COVID Vaccine Injuries After All (The Defender – 05/24/21)
Physicians Group Files Motion To Halt Use Of Covid Vaccines In Children (The Defender – 05/21/21)
CDC Investigating Reports Of ‘Mild’ Heart Problems In Teens, Adolescents After Covid Vaccine (The Defender – 05/24/21)
CDC Investigates Reports Of Heart Inflammation In Teenagers And Young Adults After Their Second Dose Of Moderna Or Pfizer Vaccines (Daily Mail – 05/22/21)
U.S. CDC Looking Into Heart Inflammation In Some Young Vaccine Recipients (Reuters – 05/22/21)
J&J Vaccine Producer Drilled At House Hearing On Botched Vaccine Doses, Lavish Executive Bonuses, Stock Sales (The Defender – 05/20/21)
Employers May Be Held Liable For ‘Any Adverse Reaction’ If They Mandate Covid Vaccines (The Defender – 05/20/21)

In response to the news that COVID vaccine adverse reactions suffered by workers are reportable incidents, or incidents that count against a company’s safety record, several large contractors said they have changed or will change their vaccination policy to only recommend — not require — a vaccine.


Sayer Ji’s Full NPR Cross-Interview With Geoff Brumfiel

Sayer Ji’s Full NPR Cross-Interview [VIDEO] + NPR’s Article Reveals Deep Bias & Conflicts of Interest (GreenMedInfo – 05/12/21)


COVID-19 Cases Plummet In India As They Distribute Ivermectin And Hydroxychloroquine (Health Impact News – 05/17/21)
Worse Than The Disease? Reviewing Some Possible Unintended Consequences Of The mRNA Vaccines Against COVID-19 (International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research – 05/14/21)
Bill Maher Contracts Covid Despite Being Vaccinated (New York Post – 05/13/21)
Tens Of Thousands Of Lives Could Have Been Saved If Research On Covid Treatments Hadn’t Been Suppressed (The Defender – 05/13/21)
Eric Clapton After Covid Vaccination: ‘I Should Never Have Gone Near The Needle’ (America’s Frontline Doctors – 04/13/21)
Celebrities Who Are AGAINST COVID-19 Vaccinations
Celebrities Who Are FOR COVID-19 Vaccinations
Tucker Carlson: Why Isn’t Dr. Fauci Investigated For His Role In Covid Pandemic? (Tucker Carlson – 05/12/21)
OC Supervisors Pause Vaccine Passport Plan As Hundreds Protest Outside Meeting (ABC7 – 05/11/21)
Brazil Suspends AstraZeneca Vaccine After Pregnant Woman Dies, New Study Links Vaccine to Blood Clots, More Countries Hit Pause (The Defender – 05/12/21)
45-Year-Old California Father Of Two Dead 10 Days After Covid Injection (Health Impact News – 05/12/21)
57-Year-Old Syracuse Man Mocks “Anti-Vaxxers,” Dead Seven Days After Johnson & Johnson Shot (Health Impact News – 05/12/21)
Two Young Mothers Paralyzed After Receiving Pfizer’s Covid Vaccine (LifeSite – 05/11/21)
McDonald’s To Use Packaging To Promote Covid-19 Vaccines (Today – 05/11/21)
Employers May Be Liable For ‘Any Adverse Reaction’ From Mandated Coronavirus Shots: OSHA (LifeSite – 05/10/21)



Are Covid Vaccines Sexist? (Luke Yamaguchi – 05/13/21)

Research out of King’s College found that women were twice as likely as men to suffer side effects from Pfizer’s Covid vaccine and around 50% more likely to suffer from side effects from AstraZeneca’s Covid vaccine. This is a curious finding given that men are more likely to suffer a poor outcome from COVID-19 itself, and yet Covid vaccines are disproportionately harming women?

Teen Hospitalized With Blood Clots In Brain After First Dose Of Pfizer Vaccine (The Defender – 05/10/21)
CDC Limits Review Of Vaccinated But Infected; Draws Concern (Bloomberg – 05/10/21)
Chinese Scientists Propose Viral Shedding Passively Inhaled COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines For The Unvaccinated (greatgameindia.com – 05/09/21)
Summer Camp For Jewish Boys Plans To Bar Those With Covid Vaccination (New York Post – 05/08/21)
U.S. Coronavirus: The Average Number Of Covid-19 Vaccines Administered Dipped Below 2 Million Per Day (CNN – 05/08/21)

About 113 million people, or at least a third of the population, have been fully vaccinated, per CDC data. About 45.6% of the population, or 151 million people, have received at least one dose of a vaccine.

Alarm As German Anti-Maskers Co-Opt Nazi Resister Sophie Scholl (AFP – 05/08/21)

Some protesters have been seen wearing yellow stars similar to those Jews were forced to wear under the Nazis, carrying the words “not vaccinated”. Others have worn concentration camp uniforms and carried placards with the words “Impfen macht frei” (“Vaccination makes you free”), a reference to the “Arbeit macht frei” (“Work makes you free”) inscription at the entrance to Auschwitz.

The Danger Of History Repeating Itself With Vaccine Passports: An Interview With Ilana Rachel Daniel (Stand For Health Freedom – 05/03/21)
CDC Changes Rules For Counting Breakthrough Cases, As More Fully Vaccinated People Test Positive (The Defender – 05/07/21)
What’s The Origin Of Covid? Did People Or Nature Open Pandora’s Box At Wuhan? (The Defender – 05/06/21)
Physicians, Surgeons Call On Universities To Reverse Covid Vaccine Mandates (The Defender – 05/04/21)
Letter Students Can Send To Universities Explaining Covid Vaccines Cannot Be Mandated (Children’s Health Defense)
World’s Most Vaccinated Nation Reintroduces Curbs As Cases Surge (Bloomberg – 05/05/21)
19,916 ‘Eye Disorders’ Including Blindness Following Covid Vaccine Reported In Europe (LifeSite – 05/01/21)

More than half of the eye disorders (10, 667) were also reported to the U.K.’s Yellow Card adverse event reporting system. These would have followed injection primarily of AstraZeneca’s and Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccines but included eight reports of eye disorders among the 228 reports concerning Moderna’s vaccine, of which only 100,000 first doses had been administered by April 21. Eye disorders were not reported in the clinical trials for vaccines which have been granted Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) only. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s fact sheet for those administering Pfizer’s experimental vaccine does not mention eye side effects.

Why I’m Removing All Articles Related to Vitamins D, C, Zinc And COVID-19 (Mercola – 05/04/21)
Supplement Seller Mercola To Comply With FDA Instructions To Stop Marketing COVID-19 Cures (Center For Science In The Public Interest – 05/04/21)
35-Year-Old Woman Dies Of Brain Hemorrhage 11 Days After Receiving J&J Vaccine (The Defender – 05/04/21)
NIH Hit With Lawsuit For Failing To Produce Documents Related To Controversial Gain-Of-Function Research (The Defender – 05/04/21)
Israeli People Committee’s Report Find Catastrophic Side Effects Of Pfizer Vaccine To Every System In Human Body (greatgameindia.com – 05/03/21)
Highly Cited Covid Doctor Comes To Stunning Conclusion: Gov’t ‘Scrubbing Unprecedented Numbers’ Of Injection-Related Deaths (leohohmann.com – 04/30/21)

“A typical new drug at about five deaths, unexplained deaths, we get a black-box warning, your listeners would see it on TV, saying it may cause death,” McCullough said. “And then at about 50 deaths it’s pulled off the market.” The U.S. has a precedent for this. In 1976 during the Swine Flu pandemic the U.S. attempted to vaccinate 55 million Americans, but at that point the shot caused about 500 cases of paralysis and 25 deaths. “The program was killed, at 25 deaths,” McCullough said.

Compare that type of response to the government’s reaction to much higher reported death numbers related to the Moderna and Pfizer shots and the contrast is alarming, McCullough said, especially when the shots have not even been granted full FDA approval and are only being allowed on the market under an Emergency Use Authorization. “In the U.S. today [as of late March] we have approximately 77 million people vaccinated for COVID and we have 2,602 deaths reported, so it’s unprecedented how many deaths have accrued,” he said . . . As a matter of comparison: There are 20 to 30 deaths reported every year to VAERS related to the flu shot. That’s with 195 million receiving flu shots. Compare that to the COVID shot, which resulted in 2,602 reported deaths through 77 million vaccinations.

Denmark Ditches J&J COVID Vaccine, Says Benefits ‘Do Not Outweigh Risk’ of Blood Clots (The Defender – 05/03/21)
More Than 500 People Admitted To Hospital With Coronavirus After Getting Vaccinated (Evening Standard – 05/01/21)
Significant Jump This Week in Reported Injuries, Deaths After COVID Vaccine (The Defender – 04/30/21)

VAERS data released today showed 118,902 reports of adverse events following COVID vaccines, including 3,544 deaths and 12,619 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020 and April 23, 2021.

8,430 Dead, 354,177 Injuries: European Database Of Adverse Drug Reactions For COVID-19 “Vaccines” (Health Impact News – 04/29/21)
1,047 Dead, 725,079 Reported Injuries Following Covid19 Experimental “Vaccines” Reported In The U.K. (Health Impact News – 04/29/21)

OC Woman’s Death After Vaccination Spurs Concern From Family (Yahoo News – 04/29/21)

OC Assistant Chief Deputy Coroner Brad Olsen . . . tells Eyewitness News, a handful of deaths, including Griselda’s are under investigation. Because they happened one to three days after the person got a COVID-19 vaccine dose.

Tennessee Woman Left Paralyzed And Unable To Walk After Taking Pfizer Vaccine (National File – 04/30/21)
At Least 40 States Creating Legislation That Would Ban Vaccine Requirements (KRON4 – 04/29/21)
Can Colleges and Employers Legally Require You to Get Vaccinated? It’s Complicated. (The Defender – 04/29/21)
At Least 80 Universities ORDER Students To Get COVID Vaccine Before Returning In Fall (Daily Mail – 04/28/21)
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Joe Rogan Needs To Stop Talking About COVID-19 (Forbes – 04/28/21)
Spotify’s Joe Rogan Encourages “Healthy” 21-Year-Olds Not To Get A Coronavirus Vaccine (Media Matters For America – 04/27/21)
Do COVID Vaccines Disrupt Women’s Menstrual Cycles? (The Defender – 04/28/21)
No, We Don’t Know If Vaccines Change Your Period (New York Times – 04/20/21)
Abnormal Menstrual Bleeding After Vaccine (The Highwire – 04/19/21)
COVID-19 Menstrual & Breast Milk Disruptions, Miscarriages, Infertility, Transmission (Shedding) (Sunfellow COVID-19 Resource Page)
Thousands Of Reports Of Menstrual Irregularities, Reproductive Dysfunction Following Covid Vaccines (LifeSite – 04/19/21)
• Identifying Post-Vaccination Complications & Their Causes: An Analysis Of Covid-19 Patient Data (America’s Frontline Doctors – 04/26/21)


3 Reasons Miami School Might Be Right About Asking Teachers Not To Get COVID Vaccine (The Defender – 04/30/21)

Fact #1: Vaccines make some sick. Sick people are more likely to compromise the health of others

Fact #2: The Pfizer mRNA vaccine clinical trial study design warns against proximity (shared air inhalation or skin contact) between vaccine participants and the unvaccinated as a possible vectors of harm

‘Insane And Dangerous’: Inside The Miami School That Told Teachers Not To Get Vaccinated (Miami Herald – 04/30/21)
Miami Private School Won’t Hire Teachers, Staff Who Have Been Vaccinated Against Covid (NY Daily News – 04/27/21)


French Drug Assessment Center Demands Removal Of All Four Widely Used Covid Vaccines (LifeSite – 04/22/21)

A regional independent drug assessment center, the CTIAP (Centre territorial d’Information indépendante et d’Avis pharmaceutiques), which is linked to the Cholet public hospital in the west of France, recently published a report showing that the vaccines used against COVID were not only submitted to insufficient clinical testing, but that the quality of the active substances, their “excipients, some of which are new,” and the manufacturing processes are problematic. “These new excipients should be considered as new active substances,” the Cholet hospital team stated, in a study that according to them raises issues that have not been commented to date . . . The authors of the report consider that the “variabilities, which impact the very core of the product, could even invalidate any clinical trials conducted” in the coming months and years. They go so far as to state: “Prudence would even dictate that, in all countries where these vaccines against COVID-19 have been marketed, all the batches thus ‘released’ should be withdrawn immediately; and that these MAs that have been granted should be suspended, or even canceled, as a matter of urgency until further notice.”

CDC Walks Back Director’s Comments On Covid Vaccines For Pregnant Women (National Review – 04/27/21)
Pfizer Vaccine May Cause Heart Inflammation In People Under 30, Leaked Study Suggests (The Defender – 04/26/21)
Israel Examining Heart Inflammation Cases In People Who Received Pfizer Covid Shot (Reuters – 04/25/21)
Bethel Park Mother Left Paralyzed After Getting First Dose Of Pfizer Vaccine (WPXI – 04/25/21)
Youth Baseball Teams Forced Out Of Nat’l Tourney Due To Covid Vaccination Requirements (Breitbart – 04/23/21)
U.S. Vaccination Sites Are Closing Across The Country As Demand For Covid Shots Plummets (Daily Mail – 04/25/21)
Houston Hospital Threatens To Fire Workers Who Refuse Covid-19 Vaccine (CBS News – 04/24/21)
16-Year-Old Boy Undergoes Emergency Clot-Removal Surgery After Vaccination (America’s Frontline Doctors – 04/21/21)
Rocky Business Bans COVID Vaccine Recipients From Entering Premises (RDNewsNow – 04/21/21)

Letter To Schools About Required COVID-19 Vaccination (Millions Against Medical Mandates – 04/23/21)
Millions Are Skipping Their Second Doses of Covid Vaccines (New York Times – 04/25/21)


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